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For parents who desire to keep students stimulated with new concepts and instruction, Acelin offers several enrichment programs. Enrichment programs are designed around specific educational goals and objectives in order to develop new skills. Parents often elect to enroll students in an enrichment program during the summer or winter break, which helps to prevent students from experiencing a lapse or slump in their performance after break. An enrichment program is also a good option for students who would benefit from advanced introduction of concepts and skills before they are presented during the school year. Having already practiced the concepts, students can approach their classroom assignments with greater confidence and success once the topics are introduced in class. Enrichment programs can have a math or language arts focus.  

Acelin also offers test preparation for the SSAT, PSAT and SAT. All courses provide diagnostic evaluations, strategy sessions, course manuals, and full-length practice exams. In our courses we teach students the strategies that help them avoid the pitfalls and traps of the exam. Our strategies have been tested over time and have helped students to triple digit score increases! Acelin the instructors are highly experienced—no need to worry about someone with zero teaching experience being given the responsibility of helping you prepare for one of the most important exams you will ever take. Our instructors not only earned the top scores when they took the exam, but they also know how to help others do it!

Acelin conveniently offers several tutoring programs to support students who are performing below their academic potential in specific subject areas. Tutorials are offered in elementary and middle-school math, algebra, geometry, science, social studies, language arts and English.