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Acelin Learning Solutions created the In-School Programs (ISP) Division as a means to help schools tackle the rising presence of basic literacy and math deficiencies. By re-designing the one-on-one programs offered in our centers and treating students in small groups, Acelin enables schools to serve their students by providing the research-based, successful programs they need. The programs were designed to support students with difficulty in literacy and math student in grades K – 8 (in either in-school or after-school formats).

Acelin is capable of providing your school with highly effective, research-based supplemental  programs and interventions. Our support is customized to your needs, with services ranging from light touches (such as confidential review of current condition and guidance for development of strategic response) to comprehensive intervention that provides staffing, on-site support, program administration and implementation.

Contact us today and find how Acelin can help relive the pressure on your school team and develop its sustainable capacity to meet the demands improving student achievement in your district.