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Read from the numerous testimonials below—from parents, teachers, principals, and even students—who can attest to the stellar improvements made as a result of Acelin programs and services.

“All I can say is WOW! I am so excited, impressed and enthusiastic about the large leaps my student has made as a result of the tutoring provided at our school. I can’t express how happy I am.” - Teacher, Friendship Chamberlain Public Charter School.

“The program has been fantastic! It has really helped [my son] immensely. He is now understanding what he reads. His grades have improved significantly in reading, writing, and spelling. His self-confidence has increased, along with his desire to tackle reading-related homework.” - Parent, Camelot Elementary School

“I have noticed a tremendous improvement in my son’s reading ability.  He is not self-conscious or embarrassed anymore.” - Parent, Two Rivers Public Charter School  

“Acelin uses evidence-based instruction to improve student achievement in reading and writing for elementary and secondary students. Acelin helps students make significant gains in academic performance.” - Administrator, City Collegiate Public Charter School  

“My son had no motivation for reading…Since he started the program, almost every sign we see when driving he spells and reads it to me. He even reads to his little brother. I am very thankful my son has a chance to belong to this program.” - Parent, Murch Elementary School  

“Please tell them that [the program] helped my reading get faster and smoother…and helped me gain confidence in my reading and not be afraid when my teacher picks me to read.” -Student, Murch Elementary School.  

“I want to thank you for the diligence and thought you've put in to our son’s tutoring. You provide a level of insight and professionalism that we know we are going to miss, and you've been instrumental in the huge progress he has made.” - Parent, Acelin Private Programs

“She has made tremendous strides since the onset of the school year. Her writing has improved, along with her comprehension, as a result of increased decoding [ability] and fluency.” - Teacher, Murch Elementary School  

“You are really good people, and just the kind of people who should be working with kids.”
- Independent Educational Consultant  

“Lots of improvement with reading! She is finally reading books that are at her level!"  - Teacher, Murch Elementary School  

“When [student] came to my class, he was a struggling reader.  He began the year reading on a 2nd grade level. Because he could not read and follow along in class, he was always out of his seat and disruptive.  He was so discouraged he rarely even attempted assignments. In January, [student] began the Acelin program. Within a few months, I noticed a marked improvement in his reading.  He could complete more assignments.  His mom noticed that he was reading more challenging books at home and that he could complete more homework without assistance.  He ended the year reading on a 3.9 grade level! He made tremendous growth this year. I would recommend it for any struggling reader who is significantly behind grade level.”
- Teacher, Friendship Chamberlain Public Charter School  

“We are very pleased with his progress and he absolutely adored his reading group and teacher. He is also very proud of having learned how to read.” - Parent, Two Rivers Public Charter School  

“There was much anxiety and apprehension to reading anything without pictures. The difference is phenomenal, he is not afraid to read anymore.  This has opened up a whole new world for him.  He actively picks up things to read on his own and can now read his homework problems. I am so very pleased with the program, the results and the instructors!”
- Parent, Two Rivers Public Charter School  

"We really appreciate the approach and commitment you and your team bring to your profession." - Parent, Acelin Private Programs